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Have a bad case of nail fungus you’re trying to kill?

Kill Toenail Fungus Fast With This Powerful Toenail Fungus Treatment You Can Apply From Home

Toenail fungus is one of the most disgusting things about feet. Fortunately we no longer have to live with the embarrassment of toenail fungus. There are many OTC medications and prescription medications that are designed to work specifically at targeting and fighting off the invasive of toenail fungus. Although of toenail fungus medications can and do work very well, there are other alternatives.

One of the best home remedies for fighting of toenail fungus that truly works is to use Vicks Vapor Rub and vinegar. Each day you will alternate between these 2 products. On the first day use the Vicks Vapor Rub and liberally lather your toes with it. Take a cotton-swab and remove the cotton on one end. Dip the tip of cotton swab with no cotton on it into the Vicks Vapor Rub and then carefully apply it under the tip of the toenail and the skin under the toenail. You only want to get what you can without hurting yourself or causing injury. Some people can only get the tips of the nails while other people may be able to get a couple of millimeters under the toe. Do not rinse the Vicks Vapor Rub off until the following day when you shower.

On the second day you will take a container and fill it with vinegar and water. You want the mixture to be about 50/50 between vinegar and water. Let your feet soak in the vinegar water mixture while you watch television. Leave your feet in for at least 45 minutes.

Each day after that you will alternate between these two methods and it will truly help your toenail fungus to be killed off. One day you will apply the Vicks Vapor Rub and then the following day let your feet soak in the vinegar. If you do this religiously you will see your toenail fungus disappear forever.

If you want to kill toenail fungus for good once and for all, all you have to do is follow the steps in this video, then head on over to:

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