How To Get Rid Of And Prevent Toenail Fungus?

This video is to show you how to prevent and how to get rid of fungal nail infections.

Prevention steps;
1. Breathable footwear
2. Antibacterial shoe spray
3. Moisture wicking socks
4. Avoid being barefoot in public area
5. Using clean nippers/toenail cutters
6. Improve immune system
7. Massage feet improve circulation
8. Keeping your feet in the optimum temperature
9. Spa facilities must be clean
10. Remove nail polish frequently
11. Keep toenails short

Treatment of fungal nails;
1. Apple cider vinegar (1:3 ratio) diluted in warm water (2:3 ratio) foot soak 10-15mins followed by a new salt water foot soak 10-15mins. Repeat once or twice a week only.
2. Tea tree oil diluted in water and apply cotton the toenail daily.
3. (United Kingdom) Loceryl, please speak to your doctor or pharmacist to find your alternative.
4. Regular treatment with the podiatrist.

My regular treatments include; callus debridement, corn removals, ingrown toenails resection, verrucaes, fungal nails, heel pain and more. I am also very lucky to the most incredible clients. My treatments are holistic and allow me to change the taboo about feet and foot health. It’s time to break the taboo – come join me!

I absolutely love my job, and I would love for you all to learn more about what I do and how I can help feet. Nothing has inspired me more than wanting to help people maximize the health of their feet which can have a huge, positive impact on their overall health.

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Hi, everyone welcome back to my channel for those of you that don’t know me, my name is Dena also known as the foot scraper. I’m a podiatrist based in London, UK and if you haven’t already joined the family. Let’s get to the question at hand now tournelle fungus, it also known as onychomycosis, which is the latin word, for it is extremely common and it can affect both men and women. Now, what am I looking at this we’ve been talking today about how you can actually get rid of it, as well as all the prevention things that you can do for now? Prevention is key when it comes to trying to make sure your feets, a nice and healthy and your nails stay nice and healthy.

So, let’s start from the first part and we’ll walk through away to all the different things that you can do to make sure they’re good, so first thing: first, making sure that your footwear is beautiful, making sure that if the air goes through and out and change, Your footwear from time to time try not to wear the same shoes all the time using antibacterial antifungal sprays that can also help keep them nice and clean to prevent infection. Another one is making sure your socks are moisture. Wicking moisture wicking means that they will absorb the sweat and make it a less tab and moist in that environment, which, of course, turnoff is absolutely nuts. Another thing that’s really important is when you go to a public area such as swimming pools, gyms classes, even if you’re sharing or have a communal, shower, making sure that you don’t make a playground contact with it, always with all maybe a slipper or something to cover To pick it up, because toenail infections and skin infections that are fungi based can be picked up in that way. Another interesting thing that people always suggest if you have an infection already within you channel, try not to use that same dipper or clip or scissors or whatever you want to call across.

You have other channels too, because it’s easy to spread the infection so always best. You have to or if you have, access to a sterilizer and you can sterilize your product before using it or do the healthy nails. First then come back to the fungal, node and sterilize it. If you can also, as we get older, unfortunately things you change so immune systems not going to be as strong as before. So anything you do to keep your immune system as happy and as strong as possible after 2000 attack and enough sleep, but you stress, eat your greens.

All the things you’ve probably been told as a child really do come in handy with this, as well as getting older. There are other things that can change is maybe any cannabis as a youngster as well as as you get older, it’s just circulation. If you have poor circulation, your nails can be affected. It can make you a little bit more brittle drier and that’s easier for fungus again, and so I always say at the end of the night, just give your feet a little massage from the heel to the top of the toes just to get a circulation going Up also bear in mind the environment that you end when I say environment, I’m not talking about a cafe or restaurant or something quite severe that I’m talking about the weather. So if you’re in a hot climate, your exposure to that will change your circulation if you’re in a colder environment, the new blood vessels will be slightly different too.

So try to keep your feet in a nice optimum temperature. It’s gonna keep them to be happy. Now, here’s a one that people always ticket insurance prevention. Now we have this huge, huge, huge industry of beauty, and they love me your nails that beautiful great for manicures and pedicures – and you know why don’t they look wonderful. However, please make sure not to use places where, by the don’t sterilize their equipment, they don’t provide you with new things, such as every boards or clippers, or things like this because of the client before you had a phone affection, believe it or not, you’re gonna End up getting a full load action and that just goes with one person to another person to another person and before you know it, your entire town has the same to a fungus going on, which is not great, so prevention is key for that one.

Now, ladies unfortunately, nail polish is another one and artificial nails. When you have a polish on top of the nail or an artificial nail on top, it provides a bit of a a little spacing and more below, for bacteria fungus is going to penetrate through and get into so making sure that you take it all on the Shelf regularly make sure you give them a good clear, but the oils are hydrate them. Keep them nice and happy. Also, minimize your risk of getting a fungus now another water for all of the population, young and old, male and female, and that is making sure your toenails are cut nice and short by keeping them nice and short. This less.

My favorite agree to those underneath, as you can probably see in this photo here, one picture is illustrating the fact that the nicest short is very hard for me to get me and the other photo is showing that slightly lifted off and thereby other areas are open. Sir is easy for debris that dead skin to build up inside, which provides that sort of unclean unhygienic environment that fungus loves to be able to get into now that we’ve spoken about prevention, let’s get to the interesting part. How do we actually get rid of turnover actions? So here’s some interesting one. You have loads of oberlin counter products that you probably see surrounding me right now.

Have you used one of them before? Are you planning on using one of them before or are using it? Currently and you’re not seeing any difference, don’t despair, you’re, not the only one. I see so many people coming in because using products, but it’s just taking a long time to clear which can’t happen. If you want to know about why it takes them all or fungal nails to actually care check out on the video could answer that in more detail for you.

So in terms of the things that you can use here, the UK there’s a different product. So you might get to the countries that you’re respectively in so always have a look or talk to your GP or pharmacist and see what’s suitable for you and what’s kind of a be easy at home for you to use as well. Okay, I’m gonna talk about a little bit more natural products too, as well as one that we use in the UK that we find very effective, so natural products will include yep, you guessed it as you can see in this better apple, cider, vinegar, believe it Or not, it is actually fantastic will helps to slow down the process of the fungal infection also helps clear bacteria and keeps in this a healthier happier environment, and it also has a very mild exponent to it. So there’s any elements in the fungal and the skinny event. This is this image over here, you’ll be able to see.

This is gon na help kind of clear that way over time. Now how to use it, you can use apple, cider, vinegar, mix in with a bit of water and doing a foot soak for up to 10 to 15 minutes, followed by a salt water sinks and all the information how to do. That is going in the description below. Should you wish you check now another one which is very, very simple: it’s actually the use of tea tree oil people forget how good this could be. Now, I know, that’s been a huge.

Debate but some? People, say it’s a good; is it not good but I’m a big fan so make sure you dilute the tea tree oil itself in some water, and then apply it. Using a condom on top of the toenails, and that is the best way to do it as you can see this photo, it’s very simple: just dab, hold it and then release now, one that we use here, which is a product that I like to use. It is called nostril now will Sorrell comes a little box and it has a little small little tree room here with the product, as you can see in this one over here. This is a very simple one that you will be able to see and you can use at home and then something used once a week anywhere exactly seven days now in this box you see the little files that they have, that just files, the upper layer of The now so the product can absorb into it, however, toenail fungus can actually be on the top of the surface underneath of the nail or on their paychecks other.

Now now, unfortunately, if it’s on the matrix of the nail, it means as a new nail grows up. It’S already infected, which can make it a little harder to process. So one thing I do offer here at the clinic and I’m sure some of the podiatrists would do too. They do a great job of doing that as well. It’S where you come to the clinic.

What we can do is we can use this product if you were to bring it in to us each time I will be able to cleanse the upper part of the nail by cleansing up part of now you’re preparing it, for we call and Tufts endure using A tungsten, burr I’ll be able to remove the upper layers under now far more effectively than the rostral. By doing that, they’ve now can therefore be more porous which allows the nostril to penetrate into the nail and therefore provide a more active treatment now doing this. Obviously this would be a once a week. You’d have to do single actress. You wouldn’t have to see them once a week as this might be unattainable, not very easy.

How so I would say, probably and around four weeks time would be excellent to be able to knock the top layer and just really get a penetration, and that I hope this videos helped you today and if you have any other questions. Please do comment below and, as always, I will try to my best to get back to you on all those things that thank you so much for watching see you soon.


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