It’s very important that when you go back to the group home, you tell everyone they need to be looking at everyone’s feet. I know there even though people are really independent, but someone like Michael this might not be bothering him, but it should not have been left. This long., okay we’re gonna finally take care of these nails. Okay, I think it’s been a year since you last spin here.

No, I remember these feet, so you just relaxed mygov, anything sore you. Let me know okay, so long or what happened? Yes, yeah after I said myself right come here. I remember you put, I came here and you told me to come back, but I never get charged. I went for vacation and how’s your foot doing better yeah they’re killing the doctor actually does my distractions and where he yeah filed it yeah.

It looked better, of course, but that is always gonna be like that yeah yeah, some people with different ethnicities, darker pigment, skin they get the black Neal. So there’s one thing we can do. Then we can remove your nail forever and no more nail. Then then, unfortunately, that nail always gonna be like that, but no I we saw each other Michael me in the hold office: cooks! Phil!

Yes! No! I remember Michael, you do no Kim you don’t care Michael yeah, very good. So this I was probably the last one to cut these thumbnails, so it’s really important that he takes care of em so far, so in the group in the group home, no one really gets to see his feet. No because he’s a very independent okay.

So what we’ll do anything left lifted we get off, so this will last a long time we booked an appointment in another three months. Yes, but no! No, for you is different. If you don’t want any blackmail, we do a little small surgery where I numb your tool. I actually surgically removed the toenail and we put a chemical to stop it from ever growing back we’re gonna.

Do the other foot too, Michael, you just you’re, not having any more feet for me right, just the two yeah: okay, no, no other feet! Huh! You got some Wiggly toes today, we’re gonna hold on for dear life. If we ever yeah, we take a picture, and sometimes I use this to show people how how how people need help right. These are long nails that we should never.

This should never happen. It’S very important that when you go back to the group home, you tell everyone they need to be looking at everyone’s feet. I know they’re, even though people are really independent, but someone like Michael this might not be bothering him, but it should not have been left. This long, it’s very important that when you go back, you just tell everyone that maybe they make it mandatory to look at everyone’s feet every now and then because this could cause some real problems for some people. The nails could yeah.

It could be growing into the skin, it causes it can yeah, yes, sometimes nail, curl is actually forward and right into the skin itself. No, no! No. We just trim the nail just like this, but it’s very important that everyone’s feet are getting looked at at the home, so no one has long nails, because that could really cause a lot of problems. Yes, these are some tougher nails to cut and a lot of them.

They all have pretty much fungus in them. What could cause you more problems in the long run? So look at that all the nice stuff that’s living underneath there it’s a completely dead lifted nail. The nail bed has been permanently damaged and that’s why? Yes, but it’s not gonna grow attached those nails completely lifted.

Yes, it’s been like this for a long long time. You, okay, Michael yeah. Today, I’m busier yeah, I’m gonna clean it out getting this piece. Yeah you’re getting the works today, yeah yeah, sir Sir Michael just checking sit you okay, no! So what this is all this dead skin?

That’S underneath on the top of the nail bed. You see all this hard. Oh yeah, we’re just gonna leave that for now and why do that’s fungus people? Yes, the problem the problem is lamisil does not really work well for the nails it works well for skin, but not for nails. We usually have to use different types of topical medicine for fungal nails, human right right.

Then people really know. Okay, okay, you survived how many cuz you still have there. You go that that’s ten, no there’s no open sore and open wound or nothing. So we come back and probably three four months do the same thing again, so the nails never gone. Yes, so the neighbors get too long.

After a healthcare support worker noticed her client had extremely long toenails, she decided to do something and bring him to her foot specialist (Chiropodist) to have these green bad boys cut!

It is important to always be asking and looking at the feet of our friends, families and people around us who may not be able to care properly for their feet. You will be surprised at how many people are suffering from foot problems in silence.

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