7 Ways To Prevent Fungal Infections Of The Toenails

Once you start treating your toenail fungus…and as the toenail fungus begins to clear…

…it is crucial that you maintain a clean, fungus-free environment to prevent the nail fungus infection from spreading.

It is downright scary to think that toenail fungus can spread from one toe to other toes, to your fingernails, to other body parts, and to other people in your household.

Here Are 7 Vital Tips To Keep Toe Fungus Away…

  1. Frequently clean and wash your toenails – Use soap and water to wash and then thoroughly dry your feet on a regular basis. Wash your hands with soap and water whenever you touch your fungus infected toenails. Better yet, wear rubber gloves when coming into contact with your toes to prevent the spread of fungal infection.
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  2. Keep toenails trimmed and thinned – Keep nails trimmed short because longer nails are more prone to fungal infection. Also, thin out your toenails regularly by using a file across the top of the nail and across the surface of the nail. This will help keep the fungus infection exposed to the air so it can heal quickly.
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  3. Always wear shoes in public places – Keep your feet protected from other fungal infections that may be lurking in places such as swimming pools, gyms, and public bathrooms. Wear flip flops when you frequent these places to keep your feet safe from toenail fungus infection.
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  4. Change your shoes – Get rid of old sneakers and closed toed shoes that may have developed fungus inside them due to being dark and damp. Wear open shoes such as flip flops and sandals as often as possible to allow your feet to breath. If you do choose to wear closed toed shoes or your job requires them, take them off as quickly as possible after wearing them. This will give your toenails maximum exposure to the air in order to heal and reduce exposure to the dark places where fungus is prone to grow.
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  5. Change your socks – Get rid of old, dingy socks that may have trapped fungus and encourage fungal growth. Change your socks as frequently as possible, washing them immediately after wearing them. Another helpful recommendation is to purchase socks made of synthetic material. Synthetic material such as polyester or acrylic “wicks” moisture away to keep your foot dry rather than cotton which would absorb the moisture and create that dark, wet environment that fungus needs to grow.
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  6. Disinfect crucial areas of your house – Use a bleach cleaner to disinfect areas of your house where fungus can brew such as your shower or bathtub, bathroom floor, and bedroom floor. Wash your bed sheets and blankets often to ensure they are fungus-free. It is recommended to fully clean and disinfect frequently used areas of the house at least once weekly to keep fungus from growing and attacking your feet.
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  7. Use anti-fungal powder – Sprinkle anti-fungal powder in your most worn closed shoes and your socks after each use or as frequently as possible. Some anti-fungal powders can also be applied to the toenail directly to target the fungus from all angles.

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