3 Incredibly Effective At Home Toe Fungus Treatments

You may be surprised at the effectiveness of these simple substances to get rid of toenail fungus. Better yet, you probably have them in your home already.

The beauty of natural, at home remedies to cure toenail fungus is that they are free from side effects and you can use them as often as you like. Remember, be patient with these natural cures.

They may not work as quickly as prescription strength medication, but they will not cause blistering, burning, and swelling or dizziness, nausea, and unusual taste in the mouth as various prescription medications do.

The #1 best advice for those trying to cure toenail fungus with natural remedies: Be diligent and consistent by using these treatments every day for at least two weeks.

Vicks VapoRub

toenail fungus home remedy

This salve is used by many for chest decongestion but it’s ingredients include fungus fighting elements such as thymol oil, camphor, and menthol. These ingredients have been found to destroy fungus on the surface of the toenail and inhibit its future growth.

You will need:

Vicks Vaporub topical ointment
Cotton ball/swab or q-tip
1″ Medical tape


1) Swab out a dime sized amount of Vicks Vaporub. Rub it on your infected toenail using a cotton swab or q-tip.
2) Make sure it completely covers your fungal toenail with a thin layer of 1/4 centimeter or so.
3) Cut the gauze about the same width of your toenail. Wrap it around the toenail about 2-3 times completely.
4) Use medical tape at the top and bottom of the toenail to secure it in place.
5) Change the gauze and medical tape daily for the strongest healing effects.

Listerine and Vinegar Soak

fungal toenail remedyhow to treat toenail fungusPopular mouthwash brands such as Listerine contain alcohols that have antiseptic properties. Its vital ingredients are thymol, euchalyptol, and salicylate. They have been found to rev up the immune system to fight the fungal infection and kill off fungus on the surface of the nail to promote new growth of clear nails.

You will need:

Listerine mouthwash (largest available container, any color)
1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar
Container or small tub that will fit your foot or feet
Clean towel


1) Pour the the mouthwash into your container. Make sure there is enough to cover your feet completely but be careful not to overfill so it does not spill out when you place your feet inside.
2) Pour the apple cider vinegar into the container. Gently swirl to mix the two ingredients.
3) Spread the towel out next to your container of mouthwash.
4) Soak your feet for about 30 minutes in this anti-fungal solution.
5) Take your feet out and put them on top of the towel. Wrap your feet in the towel for about 5 additional minutes to allow the ingredients to really seep into your toenails.
6) Dry your feet thoroughly.

Cornmeal Peroxide Infusion

cure toenail fungus

Research shows that cornmeal has properties which naturally breaks down the fungus on the toenail. Hydrogen peroxide is known to kill off fungal cells. This powerful combination can stop your toenail infection in its tracks.

You will need:

Organic cornmeal
Warm water
1 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide 3% concentration
Large container
Clean, dry towel
Plastic spoon
Cotton balls
optional – sprig of lavender (for a lovely aroma)


1) Cover the bottom of your container with a thin layer (about 1/2 inch deep) with cornmeal.
2) Start pouring warm water into the container cup by cup until it forms a 1/2 inch layer over the cornmeal.
3) Let this mixture soak for about 30 minutes until it looks soggy and grainy.
4) Add the hydrogen peroxide, trying to spread it evenly across the top.
5) Add more warm water cup by cup until the container is half full. Be careful not to overfill so you do not spill your ingredients when it is time to soak your feet. Add your sprig of lavender if you desire.
6) Place your feet in this foot bath for 30 minutes.
7) Take your feet out and place on a clean, dry towel. Do not dry your feet off yet.
8) Take your plastic spoon and add a thin layer of cornmeal to the top of your toenails. Rub each one gently with a cotton ball.
9) Take a clean cotton ball and add some hydrogen peroxide to it so the ball is full soaked. Rub this on your fungal toenails.
10) Run warm water to clean off your toenails. Dry thoroughly with the towel.

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